Socialitings - how building a website is like art.

I am working on a new project in social media called 'Socialitings.'  The project brings together three worlds:

  1. The world of transformational community projects 
  2. The world of website development
  3. The world of social media

I feel a bit like a sculptor when building this project.  I am sculpting how an entire community will behave and what's possible for that community by making choices at the design level. Each button that integrates something with facebook or twitter will cause the community to grow in a certain way.  

For example, when I chose to use the Facebook Registration Widget, I am creating an experience of familiarity that will attract people already on Facebook.  The people I tell about the registration process give a reaction of excitement as if they can already see their world being extended and being more powerful.  In the end, it means a faster community growth, more registrations, and a happier community.

In the end, it is a community I am creating.  The feeling of this community that I aim to achieve reminds me of places in life where I had unending fun.  Like when I was on a cruise ship and there was a menu of 10-20 things to do at any given moment.  And when I was in college in Boston, where there were always multiple interesting choices of inexpensive things to do around campus and around town.

I am recreating that experience through website database, pages, and social media.  

One thing I learned in this process is how much I love engineering these kinds of websites.  Websites are about people after all.  And building these kind of websites is a self expression.

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