Red Eared Slider - Turtle Proofing the Filter

Our family pet, Buddy, is an 8 year old Red Eared Slider.  She makes quite a mess.  (Yes, I found out it was a girl AFTER naming her.)


What she does, is she likes to dig under her filter, and then push the filter into a different position.  While this may be entertaining for her, the filter acts like a powerful fountain and with appropriate direction, can shoot all of the tank's water over the top and onto the floor.

One challenge has been how to prevent her from doing this.  So here is the latest solution that will distinguish her from a regular turtle and a Mensa-grade turtle.

The kind of filter we are dealing with is a Fluval style filter.  It comes with suction cups, but she defeated those a while ago.  

The Solution

What you need is:

  • a heavy, long, flat rock
  • two small bungee cords

I've decided to attach the filter to the rock using the bungee cords.  After thinking a bit, I've come up with an unusual but effective arrangement:

Place the filter so the outlet is pointing DOWN.  The two inlet grates are pointing sideways.  The rock is offset so that the outlet is missing the rock.  Like so:

Filter Solution - Notice the big red rock underneath the black filter.  The two blue bungees hold them together.  On the left side of the black filter, just under the words "FLUVAL" in blue, you'll notice the light blue out aiming downward.

The benefit of this configuration is that if the turtle should knock the thing over, then the spout is not able to point upward.  The turtle cannot crawl underneath.  Also, the inlets are sideways with maximum exposure to the water.

So, we will see how this works out.  If this doesn't work, then I will resort to glue, plexiglass, and maybe a shock cage to keep the turtle away.

(Note to PETA: the shock cage is a joke.  Though I am a hunter, if you'd like something to fixate on.)

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