How to save money at Starbucks

Home of the $5 cup of coffee, Starbucks is a money pit.  Just like a car.  That daily dose can cost you $1825 per year! Right now that's the cost of a budget cruise for two.

We buy coffee because we are in too big a hurry or because we're just lazy.  My wife tells me she likes to socialize over coffee or tea, so it's part of the decorum of friends.

The Plan

How do you save money at Starbucks?  First of all - don't buy the froofy drinks.  Stick to tea or coffee.

Buy a starbucks card and register it.  The card gives you a free refill on coffee and tea.  Then buy a tall instead of a venti.  Get a refill.  More coffee for less money!

OR, use a reusable mug.  Get $0.10 off each time you buy.

If you don't have a starbucks card, refills are still inexpensive - only $0.50 or so.  Get a refill to go and save it for later.  Reheat it in the microwave.  It takes amazingly good for the savings!

Look at the pricing of the coffee - some Starbucks will offer a tall at $0.20 less than a grande, others will be a full $0.50 less.  Buying the tall and paying for a refill equals more coffee.  Or using the free refill on this level of difference can mean you can buy 3 get 1 free ($1.50 x 4 = $2.00 x 3).

If you find yourself not drinking all of your coffee, then buy a smaller size or save some and reheat it later.

OR, have them fill it up full and drink it black, then fill it back up with whole milk or cream.  Then you can have a grande for a tall price.  That plus a refill equals a lotta savings!

Another tip - change your route so that you don't go by a Starbucks or cafe in the morning.  Or buy an automatic coffee maker for $20 and wake up to coffee.  Then you can save the full amount of money!

If you have any other ideas, please share them below!

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