How to handle more stress.

One of the common questions I hear over and over again is "How do I manage more stress?"

Well, my dear, this is a trick question.  A stress management expert told me that the amount of stress in your life equals the amount of stress you can manage.  Therefore, if you choose to learn how to manage more stress, then you will take on more stressful projects and increase your amount of stress.

As a business person, the whole concept started worrying me.  Notice I am stressing already over the concept!  PHOOEY!

What I really want, is to be more productive.  To get more done.  To live a better life.  To enjoy life more.  However you can phrase it for yourself, there's really a deeper goal BEHIND wanting to manage more stress.

"How do I manage more stress" is a trick question.

How to live with less stress

Personally, my goal is to have more hours in the day where I am happy and the people around me are happy.  

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

I have been reading this book called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's all Small Stuff)" by Richard Carlson.  It's an amazing book.  Try keeping it by the toilet or grabbing it on a break.  The chapters are all 1-2 pages.

Since starting reading this book, I have been picking fewer fights, brushing off the "idiot drivers" in traffic, and feeling less stressed.


When I tense up, I stop breathing.  I hold my breath.  I'm told it's natural to do so as a defence, like I am trying to avoid being heard by a dangerous animal in the bush.

Holding my breath will cause my oxygen levels to drop, and my adrenaline will kick in.  That's when I get feisty.  Do you notice this in yourself?

Simply breathing in these moments prevents or reverses the adrenaline!  


I have been meditating on the Buddhist concept of attachment.  Basically, I sit still and breath with my eyes closed and think about objects in my life that I am irritated or upset with.  I examine them and noticing how all of the pain I associate with that object is something I am creating in my head.  Then the pain disappears.  

Stop taking on other people's stress

Jim calls me up and has an emergency project that has to get done in the next few weeks and needs a quote right now!  It's urgent and Jim's life is chaotic and stressful!

OK - Jim just attempted to get me to buy into his stressful life.  My normal reaction is to want to fix people's problems and take them on.

In "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff," one concept is "If someone throws you a ball, you don't have to catch it".  This means that other people are always throwing you balls.  I've started letting more and more drop to the floor.  INSTANT STRESS REDUCTION!

Life the life I love

Instead of playing for the rat race, I am in the process of defining a life I would love, and then engineering a way to get there.  

Some of the features of this evolved lifestyle include:

  • building a team in my business to handle the stuff that stresses me out
  • moving to a country home where nature has a calming effect on me
  • do more art and music
  • work towards a sustainable lifestyle so that the stress I am taking on will result in something good


These are just some ideas that I am engaged in to LOWER MY STRESS and not HANDLING MORE.  Talk below about your ideas!

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