Amazon EC2 Outage

From April 21 through April 24, Amazon has been recovering from a major outage in it's server business. I had 4 servers on Amazon EC2's data centre in Virginia, the affected Region.  Of my four servers, one server experienced an outage.

The process of recovery involved waiting for access to my volumes, then restarting a new server in a different zone than the original server, and recovering a data backup snapshot.  While the process of recovery was quite simple once I had access, I could not reach the volumes for 2 days.

Given all of this, what is a small business owner to do?  Some people are leaving Amazon EC2 for other data centres with fewer historic glitches.  

I view the issue at Amazon as akin to how a wind storm will blow through and break off the weak branches on a tree.  The strong branches survive and the tree overall is stronger.  Amazon will recover and improve its service, and its customers will strengthen their data centre planning.  Overall, the tech world that grew complacent has will now be stronger.  

Any weakness in a system is bound to be exposed over time, and now that we are aware of this weakness, the future of cloud computing occurs to me as more viable than before.  It's counter-intuitive, and in alignment with how natural systems evolve.

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