Airport hassles: my saga

My recent trip through airport security was incredible.  The news reports had me preparing for the worst.  Then it happened: nothing special.

Perhaps this is a side effect of the news and our thirst for it.  The reports of a few people having trouble have received so much attention.  But what are the real statistics? 1 out of millions?  

I recall a time when I forgot to leave a lighter at home when going through airport security, and had to pay $40 to ship it to myself even though it was empty.  I received a monetary loss and the rules say you can bring empty lighters through the security booth.

People were not thirsty for those kinds of stories at that time, so my voice was quiet.  Or maybe I'm not a complainer and didn't say something loudly enough to the right person.  I don't know.

But my trip in both directions - there and back again - was easy, clear, orderly, and respectful.  I even was able to travel with frozen venison and forgot to empty my water bottle.

Perhaps it was because I chose to travel mid-day when the lines are not crowded.  Perhaps it was because I was calm and took it all in stride.  I don't know.

But leave the stories about airport security alone and make it a point to enjoy your trip.  Because I'm here to tell you that it's still an available option.

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