Amazon EC2 Outage

From April 21 through April 24, Amazon has been recovering from a major outage in it's server business. I had 4 servers on Amazon EC2's data centre in Virginia, the affected Region.  Of my four servers, one server experienced an outage.

The process of recovery involved waiting for access to my volumes, then restarting a new server in a different zone than the original server, and recovering a data backup snapshot.  While the process of recovery was quite simple once I had access, I could not reach the volumes for 2 days.

Facebook Registration Widget and Ruby on Rails

I have successfully integrated:

  • the Facebook Registration Plugin/Widget
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Devise

The existing websites that talk about how to integrate these widgets include:

What's missing from these articles is what happens after you decode the signed_request using Veerasundaravel's Rails plugin.  Namely:

Ruby on Rails is tremendous value for business

I've been developing in Ruby on Rails since the keynote at OSCON 2005 in August by DHH who presented the idea that programmers shouldn't need to do xml situps...

  <situp position="up" />
  <situp position="down" />

Pretty funny.

Smart convention over configuration was another philosophy.  Then infused into the paradigm was the notion of minimalism and the entire philosophy of "Getting Real".

Embedding fonts in web pages

I am pleased to report that embedding fonts in web pages is now possible.  We are no longer limited to the 13 or so web-safe fonts trading style for seo-friendly pages!

Step by step

I followed's article, filled in the gaps and arrived at the following procedure: