Performance Outcomes

I am a victim of to-do lists.  Yep.  It feels like I can't help myself but to make to-do lists and then live my life from them.  Saturday morning. What's there to do today? Make a list. Do it.

Then there are days I get tired of writing to-do lists. So what I do is rebel. No list. Just do what I want. That works for a single day.  String a couple of those days together though and I produce no results.

How to handle more stress.

One of the common questions I hear over and over again is "How do I manage more stress?"

Well, my dear, this is a trick question.  A stress management expert told me that the amount of stress in your life equals the amount of stress you can manage.  Therefore, if you choose to learn how to manage more stress, then you will take on more stressful projects and increase your amount of stress.

As a business person, the whole concept started worrying me.  Notice I am stressing already over the concept!  PHOOEY!