December 2010

How to handle more stress.

One of the common questions I hear over and over again is "How do I manage more stress?"

Well, my dear, this is a trick question.  A stress management expert told me that the amount of stress in your life equals the amount of stress you can manage.  Therefore, if you choose to learn how to manage more stress, then you will take on more stressful projects and increase your amount of stress.

As a business person, the whole concept started worrying me.  Notice I am stressing already over the concept!  PHOOEY!

How to buy healthy, sustainable, local beef

There is a lot of evidence that grocery store meat may be poorly raised with chemicals and hormones injected and poorly slaughtered.  Also the meat is hung only for a short period of time, which does not produce the high quality you get at a famous steakhouse.

Knowing the source of your food at one level is difficult, and we get along find without knowing.  So why bother?

Three reasons:

Charlotte airport is a lovely layover stop

Charlotte CLT airport is a gem.  Each time I travel through here I can't help but to relax.





How to save money at Starbucks

Home of the $5 cup of coffee, Starbucks is a money pit.  Just like a car.  That daily dose can cost you $1825 per year! Right now that's the cost of a budget cruise for two.

We buy coffee because we are in too big a hurry or because we're just lazy.  My wife tells me she likes to socialize over coffee or tea, so it's part of the decorum of friends.

New website launched

Today, I have launched a new website for myself to discuss and share ideas, opinions that are hopefully useful to people on the web.

Please give comments.